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Estate Clearout

Sort property, organize contents, and haul unwanted items of an estate away.

Journey In Order will treat your possessions 

with care and compassion 

Providing Physical, Emotional and Logistical Support

  • Identify and locate sentimental items

  • Identify important documents

  • Identify valuable items for sale

  • Liquidate items by estate sale or donations

  • Shredding and dumpster services

  • Shipment of items to family members

  • Stage the home for resale 


We remove unwanted items fast, easy and professional. We are environmentally friendly; repurposing and donating as much as possible to keep items out of landfills and help save the planet. Additionally, we give you the donation receipt for tax purposes. Donate first, recycle second. 

Bringing order to life's journey

Let’s Work Together

Serving Chicagoland's Western Suburbs

We are licensed, bonded and insured


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